Vimbai Kwashirai

Membership:  2016

Member Bio

Vimbai Kwashirai is a Zimbabwean and Oxonian scholar. His research interests are in economic and environmental issues, specifically in modern Zimbabwe, and Africa more generally. The author of Green Colonialism in Zimbabwe, 1890–1980, Vimbai has published extensively on these themes as well as on the social and political developments in Zimbabwe. He has taught at several universities in Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom, including Durham and Liverpool. Vimbai has been awarded many academic awards and fellowships in the UK and Germany. His forthcoming book with Cambridge University Press is called Ballot or Bullet—Election Violence in Zimbabwe, 1980–2015. A leading expert on Zimbabwean human rights, land rights, poverty, and ecological transformations, he has successfully carried out wide-ranging consultancies with various governments, churches, private companies, and non-governmental organizations on the big questions regarding contemporary Zimbabwe. Currently, he is working on the corruption of the  culture and women’s rights in Africa.


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