Stefan Dorondel

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Stefan Dorondel is an anthropologist interested in postsocialist land tenure systems and in land use change. He holds a PhD in History and Ethnology from the Lucian Blaga University Romania and a PhD in Agrarian Studies from Humboldt University Berlin. He was a visiting fellow at the Agrarian Studies Program at Yale University (2005) and holds a postdoctoral position at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Halle. Currently he works at the Francisc I. Rainer Institute of Anthropology Bucharest. His recent research is on the dramatic changes of the rural socialist landscape driven by the postsocialist political and economic changes. Massive deforestation, land fragmentation, transformations of pasture into build up area are only few of the changes the postsocialist rural areas went through.


  • ''‘They Should Be Killed:’ Forest Restitution, Ethnic Groups, and Patronage in Postsocialist Romania.'' In The Rights and Wrongs of Land Restitution: "Restoring What Was Ours," edited by D. Fay and D. James, 43-66. London: Routledge - Cavandish, 2009.
  • With Thomas Sikor and Johannes Stahl. ''Property, Access, and State Legitimacy: Emergent Political Orders in Albanian and Romanian Forests.'' Development and Change 40, no.1 (2009): 171-193.
  • With Johannes Stahl and Thomas Sikor. ''The Institutionalization of Property Rights in Albanian and Romanian Biodiversity Conservation.'' International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology 8, no.1 (2008): 57-63.
  • Ed. with Stelu Serban. Between East and West: Studies in Anthropology and Social History. Bucharest: Romanian Cultural Institute, 2005.
  • Moartea şi apa. Ritualuri funerare, simbolism acvatic şi structura lumii de dincolo în imaginarul ţărănesc (Death and Water. Funerary Rituals, Water Symbolism, and the Otherworld Imaginary Among the Peasant from Southern Romania). Bucureşti: Paideia, 2004.
  • Full Publications list (pdf, 200 KB)