Sarah Bezan

Membership:  2020

Member Bio

Sarah Bezan researches contemporary environmental literature and visual art that engages with evolution and extinction. Her first book, Dead Darwin: Evolutionary Decompositions in Neo-Victorian Culture
(forthcoming with Manchester University Press, 2021) examines how twentieth and twenty-first century authors and artists reimagine Darwin's thinking on decompositional processes through the necro-ecological agency of earthworms, corals, fish, snails, and fungi. She is also at work on a second monograph on species revivalist representations of the woolly mammoth, dodo, great auk, thylacine, Steller's sea cow, and Pinta island tortoise. From January 2018–January 2020, Sarah held a British Academy-funded Newton International Fellowship at The University of Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre, and has recently become a founding member of the UK Future Earth
Early Career Researchers & Practitioners Network based at King's College, London. Further information on publications and research activities can be found at


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