Muazu Shehu

Membership:  2019/2020

Member Bio

Muazu Shehu is a senior lecturer in sociology at Gombe State University, Nigeria. He received his BSc and MSc from the Ahmadu Bello University and Bayero University, Nigeria, respectively. He obtained his
PhD in sociological studies from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Although originally trained in sociology, his research interests are interdisciplinary and broadly include religion and ecology, religion in society, science and technology in society, and forced migration. As a PhD researcher, he was an active member of the Science and Technology in Society research group at the University of Sheffield. He has published his research in several academic journals and academic blogs and has also given talks in leading academic conferences across the world. His work has been funded by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), the Institute of International Education (IIE), and the Carnegie Corporation, among others. Muazu’s current research explores the perception of climate change and environmental degradation among religious conservatives in Nigeria, humanitarian crises, and sustainable development in Northeast Nigeria.


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