Merita Dollma

Membership:  2017/18

Member Bio

Merita Dollma is a lecturer at the University of Tirana in the geography department of the Faculty of History and Philology. She worked as a scientific researcher at the Albanian Academy of Sciences from 1995 to 2007. Since 2008, she has been a full-time professor in the gegography department, where she teaches natural and cultural heritage, human ecology, and economic evaluation of natural resources at both bachelor and master's level. She is author and coauthor of three books, two university text books, and two high school text books. She has published more than forty scientific papers in both Albanian scientific journals and foreign journals, including Population Geography, International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science, and Geologia dell’Ambiente. Dollma is the scientific editor of two geographical atlases and 11 books. Her main fields of study include natural and cultural heritage, ecology, and GIS/RS.


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