Kelly Donati

Membership:  2019/2020

Member Bio

Kelly Donati is an ethnographer in gastronomy and agriculture. Her doctoral dissertation, completed in 2017, developed the concept of multispecies gastronomy which explores the convivial and lively co-productive collaborations between humans and nonhumans in small-scale
farming practice. She has published in the areas of multispecies gastronomy, community gardens, farmers markets, the politics of Slow Food and the development of food studies pedagogy. Kelly developed and currently lectures in Australia’s first Bachelor of Food Studies and Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy at William Angliss Institute and is the founding Chairperson of Sustain: the Australian Food Network, a not-for-profit organisation which undertakes food system policy work for
local government and beyond.


Multispecies Gastronomy: Entangled Worlds of Food and Farming in the Capitalocene
Lunchtime Colloquium Video - Exploring a Ruminant Gastronomy: The Creaturely Relations of Cheese-Making


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