Jan-Henrik Meyer

Membership:  2013

Member Bio

Jan-Henrik Meyer is a postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus University, Denmark. His research interests relate to the international emergence of environmentalism and environmental policy since the 1960s. At the Rachel Carson Center, he will be working on a project that seeks to explain the rise of environmental policy making within the European Communities, the predecessor of the present-day European Union. In October 2012, he organized (with Wolfram Kaiser) an international conference on "Environmental Protection in the Global Twentieth Century: International Organizations, Networks, and Diffusion of Ideas and Policies” funded by The Transformative Power of Europe Kolleg-Forschergruppe at Free University Berlin. Together with Astrid M. Kirchhof, Meyer founded and organizes the Berlin Brandenburg Colloquium for Environmental History. They also jointly organize a series of panels on "Anti-Nuclear-Protest in the 1970s and 1980s in a Transnational Perspective: Europe and Beyond."
Research Project: When Europe Went Green: Transnational Networks and the Origins of European Environmental Policy since the 1970s (pdf, 40 KB)
Lunchtime Colloquium Video - When Europe Went Green: Transnational Networks and the Origins of European Environmental Policy


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