Gerald Taylor Aiken

Membership:  2019

Member Bio

Gerald Taylor Aiken's research interests focus on the role of community in the transition to low-carbon futures. These include: the way community is used to guide, arrange, and discipline top-down populations; the ways organising and acting as a 'community' can increase agency; why community as a form of togetherness is treated differently, including why community has such unswervingly positive policy and academic associations; and the geographic peculiarities that emerge when community and environment are co-implicated—one obvious example being the assumed semantic link between community and local as opposed to environment being linked with global. The project he will work on at the Rachel Carson Center began in a PhD (The Production, Practice, and Potential of 'Community' in Edinburgh's Transition Town Network,
2014), which was a study of tensions and relationships between a government scheme to target carbon emissions through community and the grassroots, activist, emergent groups they funded. This work has continued in a European, multilingual context.


Community Low Carbon Transitions
Lunchtime Colloquium Video -The Politics of Community Low Carbon Transitions