Diana Villanueva-Romero

Membership:  2017; 2019

Member Bio

Diana Villanueva-Romero is an assistant professor at the University of Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain. She is a member of the research group on ecocriticism, GIECO, affiliated to the Franklin Institute of the University of Alcalá, Spain. Diana is one of the pioneer voices of ecocriticism in Spain. Her scholarship on ecocriticism mainly focuses on the study of ecocriticism as a global phenomenon and on animal studies. She is currently working on several projects that focus on the intersections and crosspollination between literature and philosophy (“The Rhetoric of Environmental Denunciation in the Spanish Fable: The Case of José Antonio Jáuregui’s Juicio a los humanos,” forthcoming), as well as on postcolonial literatures in English (“Animal Sisterhood: An Animal Ecofeminist Reading of Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre”). She is also a member of the research projects, Acis & Galatea Ref. S2015/HUM-3362 (CAM/FSE), funded by the Comunidad de Madrid and the European Social Fund, and HUAMECO: Relatos para el Cambio [HUAMECO: Stories for Change] Ref: HAR2015-67472-C2-2-R (MINECO/FEDER), funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness of Spain and the European Regional Development Fund.


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