David Moon

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David Moon is Anniversary Professor in History at the University of York, UK. The main focus of his research has been the rural world of the lands ruled by Russia from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. Originally a social historian of peasants, over a decade and a half ago he moved into environmental history. In recent years, his work has become increasingly transnational and comparative.
He was lead investigator on a Leverhulme International Network (2013–16): “Exploring Russia’s Environmental History and Natural Resources,” involving specialists from UK, US, and Russian universities, which involved annual field trips to key locations in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, he is exploring parallels and connections between Russia and Ukraine's steppes and America’s Great Plains. He currently holds a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship (2015–17) for a project entitled “The Amerikan Steppes: Russian Influences on the Great Plains.”


New Directions in Russian Environmental History (with Catherine Evtuhov and Julia Lajus)
Email david.moon@york.ac.uk



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