Anna Mazanik

Membership:  2013/2014

Member Bio

Anna Mazanik graduated from Moscow State University and received her MA in History from Central European University in Budapest. In 2009 she joined the PhD program at CEU with a project "Hygiene, Public Health, and Urban Environment in Late-Imperial Moscow" that explores how the institutionalization of hygiene and the public health campaigns affected the management of wastes, the use of natural resources, human-animal relations and the understanding of pollution in the time of bacteriological discoveries and rapid industrialization. In 2012 Anna was a visiting fellow at the Institute of the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, and at TU Darmstadt in 2013.


  • "The City as a Transient Home: Residential Patterns of Moscow Workers around the Turn of the Twentieth Century." Urban History 40 (2013): 51–70.
  • "Kul’turny povorot i rossiyskaya istoricheskaya urbanistika." [Cultural turn and Russian urban history]. In Proshly vek, edited by Alexei Miller, INION RAN, 2013.
  • "The City of Men: Gender, Space, and Working-Class Domesticity in Late-Imperial Moscow." In Gendering Spaces in European Towns, 1500-1914, edited by Elaine Chalus and Marjo Kaartinen. Routledge, forthcoming 2014.
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