Alan MacEachern

Membership:  2016

Member Bio

Alan MacEachern grew up on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and completed his PhD at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He has taught history at the University of Western Ontario since 2001.
The founding director of NiCHE: Network in Canadian History & Environment, Professor MacEachern has been active for the past decade and a half in promoting Canadian environmental history nationally and internationally. He has written and edited textbooks on environmental history methodology, on Canada’s history, and on digital history; has written “The Academic Alphabet” and “The Associate” columns for the Canadian magazine University Affairs; has edited special issues and forums for Environmental History and Canadian Historical Review; and is the editor of the Canadian History & Environment series at University of Calgary Press. His own research areas include the history of national parks, climate, natural disasters, environmentalism, back-to-the-land movements, tourism, and Canada’s size and territorial expansion.


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