Elia Apostolopoulou and The Right to Nature

The Right to Nature: Social Movements, Environmental Justice and Neoliberal Natures is the newest entry in the Routledge Studies in Environmental Policy series, edited by Jose A. Cortes-Vazquez and RCC Society of Fellows member Elia Apostolopoulu. From the blurb:

The Right to Nature explores the differing experiences of a number of environmental-social movements and struggles from the point of view of both activists and academics. This collection attempts to both document the social-ecological impacts of neoliberal attempts to exploit non-human nature in the post-crisis context and to analyse the opposition of emerging environmental movements and their demands for a radically different production of nature based on social needs and environmental justice. It also provides a necessary space for the exchange of ideas and experiences between academics and activists and aims to motivate further academic-activist collaborations around alternative and counter-hegemonic re-thinking of environmental politics.

More information can be found at https://www.routledge.com/The-Right-to-Nature-Social-Movements-Environmental-Justice-and-Neoliberal/Apostolopoulou-Cortes-Vazquez/p/book/9781138385375

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